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  • Jennifer Adler


For those of you that loved the offerings at Harmonia, prepare to experience a new level of fitness, wellness, co-working and events. In February 2022, there will be a new club opening in Mill Valley called Club Evexia. Situated above the still water of Richardson Bay, you will be able to admire the relaxing views from the fitness, cycling, yoga and lounge spaces. This one-of-a-kind space brings together a majestic location with all the offerings you have been seeking.

Club Evexia’s holistic approach to health will include fitness, wellness, nutrition, and education while aiming to bring together like-minded people under one roof. The club will offer over 20,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art fitness facilities that include both indoor and outdoor workout opportunities. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindful movement, workshops, and special events will all be offered by leading practitioners in their fields. This top-tier experience wouldn’t be complete without coworking lounges that offer a complimentary coffee bar, Urban Remedy offerings, and Evolt assessment. The incredible Exhale Lounge also offers members the healing experience of infrared saunas and red light therapy.

Joining a club with all of these opportunities under one roof will allow you to workout and then chill out. Club Evexia is everything southern Marin has been waiting for. From the fitness classes on the bay to the incredible variety of inspiring classes, to the quality of the workout equipment, this could easily become your new favorite home away from home. The fact that it is conveniently located just off the freeway, at the Stinson Beach exit, which will allow you to avoid rush hour traffic, makes membership here the obvious choice for a great start to the year.

You may be wondering who to thank for this timely addition to our community? Warren Gendel and Scott Raymond are the brainchildren behind this dream. First good friends and now business partners, Warren and Scott, are deeply involved in the development of the club and will continue to be present as faces you see on a daily basis. They have been steadily selling memberships and light up when they speak about meeting their new members and hearing the stories of what people are looking for in a club.

The membership is growing rapidly and they are excited by the variety of professions and backgrounds their members reflect. They plan to cap out at 2,000 members, but will carefully evaluate club usage and wait times at 1000 members and again at 1,500 members. Just for a reference point, the Bay Club has 5,000 members at its peak. They want to guarantee that you are happy with your investment and will offer members a first-month guarantee. If a member is unhappy during their first month of membership, they will fully refund their membership dues.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Warren and Scott over the last few months and they are genuinely focused on building a masterpiece club that is truly for the people. Both Warren and Scott are proof that a life grounded in health and spirituality leads to dreams being fulfilled such as this one. Now they want to support others by offering the full breadth of wellness opportunities, in an incredible environment, so that they too can create a balanced, fun, and inspiring lifestyle.

I have no doubt that if you enter its doors, Club Evexia will become your second living room. A place where you can relax and ease into the day, surrounded and supported by like-minded people, in the pursuit of happiness, health, and balance.

If you have been missing community, Club Evexia is your answer. This stunning location is found at 100 Shoreline Hwy in Mill Valley. Come by and say hello to Warren and Scott each Saturday and Sunday between 11 am and 3 pm through the club opening (weather permitting) and learn more or sign up for a steal of a deal before the club opens and prices increase above the current Pre-Sale special pricing.



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