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  • Jennifer Adler


You may have heard that Club Evexia, the newest fitness and wellness club in Mill Valley, opened its doors on Saturday, February 19th for its soft launch. We are excited to announce that due to the number of requests they’ve received, they have generously extended their pre-sale pricing through the end of February.

When you walk in the doors the excitement that the owners share with the new members is contagious. Members and guests are greeted by friendly smiles and beautiful bay views. When I arrive, I’m often tempted to sit down outside to take a moment of calm by the firepit. Last Sunday, pre-super bowl, they signed eleven new members. If you’ve been looking for a new club and friendly community I would recommend signing up now before the waiting list begins.

Talisman particularly loves The Expand Room. Mike Pinette, who was featured in a previous Talisman issue, beautifully showcases his artistic wizardry on the walls of this incredible space. Practicing yoga in a studio where the backdrop is a combination of Richardson Bay and incredible wall art will be something hard to beat.

And if you love to work out outdoors, Club Evexia is a club that prides itself on bringing the outdoors to your experience. Evidence of this is in the sprawling deck outside the fitness room where outdoor classes will take place. TRX is already in place for outdoor classes to take advantage of when the weather allows. This is a point of difference that can't be found anywhere else in Marin.

I asked one of the owners what they were most excited about in offering Club Evexia to the community and they said, “I light up most when I hear how grateful and appreciative members are with what we are providing to the community. A place that combines an epic fitness experience, wellness center, and social gathering club all in on. I'm most excited when I hear what I heard from a recent instructor at a staff meeting which is how we have created a place and an opportunity to elevate each other's minds and bodies, members and staff alike"

I personally am thrilled to announce that I will also be involved with Club Evexia by bringing to you “Events at Evexia'' beginning in April 2022. After the past two years, we are craving community interaction more than ever and a gathering space for like minds feels right. Not only will you be able to balance your wellness lifestyle at Club Evexia, but you will also be able to combine your social and work environment.

I have been intimately involved in creating The Excel Lounge and The Exhale Lounge, the event, and co-working and infrared med spa experiences at the club. The curation of an inspiring space that spans 3000 sq. ft with views of the bay has been such a joy to work on. The Excel Lounge will feature four beautifully designed living room concepts in an open gallery space, two sit-down or standing co-working and serving bars, four monitors that can be used for corporate off-site presentations and event functions, and one break out or conference room. Events at Club Evexia will offer a multitude of catering options and access to the outdoors. This space will be Marin’s sought-after place for customized corporate retreats, events, and workshops.

The Exhale Lounge is the club's answer to members seeking infrared sauna therapy in a med-spa-like setting. For a nominal upgrade in the monthly membership rate, members can have unlimited access to infrared saunas and massage chairs in an intimate and relaxing environment for their post-workout recovery.

If you are interested in booking an event please get in touch with me, and I will gladly give you a tour of the space and show you renderings. Be sure to reach out early so that you can guarantee the opportunity for your event to be booked on our 2022 calendar.



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