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  • Jennifer Adler


Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The quote that best describes Number 2 is, “ Listen to your heart. It knows all things because it came from the soul of the world. And it will one day return there.” Paulo Coelho

Number 2 is about inspiration and intuitiveness, about being gentle and forgiving, about trusting and having faith. It represents balance and unity and the yin and yang of life.

We invite you to find your inspiration and to discover what brings balance to your everyday. We have just the thing to help support you! Talisman subscribers can book a complimentary 60 min Balancing session with Shanti Saltzman. Shanti's approach to grounding and providing balance is unique and effective. After a session, you will find yourself feeling incredibly content and grounded for the rest of the day with a new clarity throughout the coming week. She combines a background in Counseling Psychology, Career Counseling, Intuition Medicine with coaching training from the Life Purpose Institute. She is also a certified biofeedback practitioner with a lifetime of various healing and mindfulness practices that she integrates into each session. If you are interested in booking a session with Shanti, contact:



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