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TALISMAN LIFESTYLE is your guide to share the truth behind your stories. You are the storytellers. What are you being asked to do? We pursue the untold truths of your stories behind the products, designs, and experiences. We believe by sharing the hidden gems of your business that it will allow our readers to feel an intimate connection to you and will create a desire for individuals to experience your offering. We want to make it easy for you to grow your business and connect with the right people and we have the connections to help you do just that. Do you have a product and design that is unique and cutting edge? Are you a health practitioner that wants to gain traction in your business? Are you a storeowner and you want to share your products or events with the community? We are seeking your stories. You create our powerful content. Allowing us to tell your story is such a gift to us and to the county. We learn so much from all of you and are continually inspired. This creative inspiration ties us to our endorsed brands which creates a strong level of engagement. We know that you will   find your ultimate  success story and look forward to partnering with you for this leg of the journey. 


Some of you may wonder what is a Talisman endorsed brand? This is a brand that is vetted by Talisman enthusiasts. Brands have to meet certain parameters so we maintain consistency. In order to be Talisman endorsed we have to have a substantial relationship with our storytellers. We deeply respect your mission and vision. We want to experience, wear, eat, and participate in the offering personally. We are invested in the success of your brand and will always continue to help you grow. All endorsed brands have a compelling story that can help people in some greater capacity and those stories needs to be told. We believe in you and you believe in us.


​About our subscriber list:

Median household income $300K a year

Female / male ratio: 60/40

Age range: 28-70

98% are inspired by healthy living and unique offerings. 



About You


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