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gr.dano is a clothing line designed for women with a busy lifestyle that want quality, uniqueness, and easy-to-wear clothing with effortless style and a touch of modern architecture. You can wear a dress to a black-tie event and then throw it into the washing machine. gr.dano has been in business for the past 15 years selling to specialty boutiques nationwide and offering a retail boutique in Sausalito for eight of those years. For many of us, the past eighteen months was a chapter like no other. It was a time of pivoting, reassessing, and focusing on the things that really matter.

For Jill Giordano, the owner of gr.dano, this was also true. She switched gears from focusing on her clothing line to making masks full time. One of her clients noticed that she was sewing masks and asked to purchase one. This interaction, and the needs of her community, led her to sew and donate over 3,000 masks to hospitals and those in need. This shift in focus led her to close her brick-and-mortar store and open an online retail forum to meet the changing needs of her clientele. Jill now designs for clients from this space and is enjoying the creativity of a new forum.

By choosing to focus on the things that inspire her, Jill was brought closer to what elicits magic in her life. Friends and family, learning new ways to be creative, inventing, teaching, road trips, and her dogs all have been a part of finding a way to serve her community and find joy in a difficult time.

Jill Giordano has proved that she has grit and stamina. You can feel her heart and soul in what she creates. Her clothing is built to last and carry you through the many ups and downs of life that we will all go through.

Please contact gr. dano directly for an appointment to create something wonderful or achieve your vision. Email or visit and use code TALISMAN for 10% off the online store.


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