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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Natasha Rosekrans is the mastermind behind the new functional clothing line called Swaay. The versatility of this clothing line is unmatched by any line currently on the market. Tasha launched Swaay in September 2021 so the selection is limited, but the pieces that she currently has are heroes of the line.

Swaay is an extension of Tasha’s free spirit. She was born and raised in Marin. She grew up playing sports and also loved fashion and styling. She has taught yoga for seven years now and if she’s not on the mat, you can find her in the hills hiking or snowboarding in Tahoe. She has always been a great combination of tomboy and girly girl which is why Swaay has the amazing versatility it does. It is a perfect reflection of Tasha’s spirit. She has designed clothing that you can wear to yoga, or throw on a pair of heels and go to dinner or dancing in the city.

Being a yoga teacher and someone who lives an active lifestyle, Tasha was constantly wearing workout clothes. She began to tire of the ordinary subdued color schemes from most athletic brands, that became known as her “ready wear” in her closet. Instead, she wanted clothing that was more vibrant and made her feel more connected to her feminine and creative side. She felt there was a gap in the market for activewear that was versatile enough to wear in social settings. She wanted outfits that could be worn during activities like park picnics, bike rides, and hikes with friends and then could transition easily into happy hour or nighttime wear simply by adding accessories. She started with the overalls because she wanted to design one piece of clothing that could work in a variety of situations. Plus, everyone loves a good pair of overalls.

For this reason, Swaay clothing is Talisman's favorite fashion pick to pack in a travel bag because of its comfort and versatility factor. We are really excited that Tasha recently expanded the line to include fun leggings and tops in vibrant prints. We love the matching sets, but you can also divide them up and wear the tops with jeans or the leggings with a solid color top and jacket creating the ability to wear the same outfit to many different occasions.

One other major selling factor about Swaay is that it’s not only about looking and feeling good in Swaay, but when you wear Swaay you know you’re doing good for the planet. Tasha chose to ethically manufacture Swaay in almost every way. The soft and stretchy fabric is made from a polyester blend milled from recycled plastic water bottles. She carefully selects artwork to be printed on the fabric with a more environmentally friendly printing process called sublimation, that takes place in a facility in Los Angeles. Her line is manufactured in San Francisco because Tasha believes in the importance of doing things as locally as possible. She also wanted to build an intimate relationship with her team, and have a closer eye on quality control and production. When you wear Swaay it’s a good feeling to know that you’re also giving back to the planet, supporting a local business, and a female-founded business.

Eventually, she’d love to own a Swaay store in the Bay Area and have her line in a handful of carefully selected boutiques throughout the country. As Swaay grows she would like to empower fellow female entrepreneurs to be inspired to follow their dreams. We all need to support each other to grow bigger and stronger.

Her Swaay motto is - “May you feel uplifted and spread joy every time you wear Swaay.” And we think she has created this feeling in her designs. The feel of the soft fabric, flattering fit, and fun prints are exceptional details you will find in her designs. She was inspired by a desire for clothing that blended artistic streetwear and activewear. Tasha wanted to create a line that made her and the person standing next to her smile. Come smile with us!

If you want to join Tasha on the mat in some Swaay you can find her teaching yoga at Cloudbreak in Sausalito. Currently, Swaay is available directly to consumers at She also has an active Instagram account @swaay_official, where she posts about what’s coming up, pop-up events, sales, and lifestyle-related posts. Join me in celebrating the Swaay movement.


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