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When the soul of a vineyard and the essence of its fruits are captured and amplified by the craft of the winemaker, you get Temenos.

Temenos is an ancient Greek term for "sacred enclosure." To the Canizzaro family, there is no place more special than the dining room table where you can enjoy good food and fine wine with friends and loved ones. At Temenos, the relationship of earth-to-bottle is sacred. Wine brings us around a table and takes us back to the fundamentals of humanity; food, drink, connections, and conversations.

Good wine is grown, not made. The grapes for the 2019 Temenos Grenache are sourced from Alexander Valley’s prized Sceales Vineyard. Unlike most vineyards, this land is dry-farmed where the growers don’t irrigate their vines, but instead, let the vines grow based on the natural rainfall and groundwater. This practice results in beautifully intense fruit and a more sustainable farming practice. The vineyard is ninety years old and many great wines have been made from this property over the years.

About the Winemaker

A native of Sonoma County, Dominic has witnessed the changing seasons of wine country. He has an intimate understanding of the climate and the terrain. The fundamentals of winemaking were established in his grandfather’s cellar. He found ways to deepen his understanding throughout his adolescence. He even began wine-making for family friends before he could legally drive a car. After working four vintages at the custom crush facility, Dominic moved to New Zealand to further his knowledge of wine on a global scale. He worked two harvests in New Zealand before returning home to Sonoma County for an extended harvest placement. For seven years, Dominic had led production at The Terraces under the direction of Timm Crull. He now brings his passion, knowledge, and finesse to his own wine label, Tenemos Wines.

*Temenos 2019 Grenache is now available in limited amounts. Only 150 cases of this amazing wine were produced. With notes of cherry and raspberry, a ruby color, and a good balance of acid, and a long finish, make sure to get a bottle to enjoy with your next celebration!

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