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  • Jennifer Adler


As a child, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season was walking downtown Mill Valley from the house my family lived in on Mount Tamalpais. I loved the glow that the holiday lights created in the fog and the large star on top of the giant redwood tree by the downtown square. Marin County shines all year round, but during the holidays there is a gathering element that makes it even more unique.

I loved walking into each shop in anticipation of finding the perfect gift for each person on my list. The warmth of the store and the chatter of the staff and their customers all unfolding alongside holiday tunes, often created by a local artist, made it feel so special.

When I caught up with Angela in Sausalito, at her store Salty, I was reminded of those wonderful memories. I asked Angela what she would put on her list if she was shopping amongst the beautifully displayed items laid out in front of us. Honestly, I have know idea how she narrowed it down from all of the gifts I was mentally putting on my own list, but she did. So as a gift from Talisman to you, here is a list of the most loved and most unique items to give this season from Salty in Sausalito.


For the nature lover

The most stylish little bird feeder you’ve ever seen, made by hand from recycled clay by local ceramicist Bob Dinetz.

For the well-organized

Nothing says I appreciate your neat–and–tidy style like these handsome laced trays from Made Solid in Los Angeles.

For the young (at heart)

Hand-knit and hand-felted creatures are sure to delight kiddos and adults alike with their endearing whimsy.

For the gracious host

Transport them to the California wilderness with Norden candles. Ceramic containers make great little planters later.

For the designer

Add texture and cheer to their space with handmade dandelion pillows from Love Fest Fibers in San Francisco.

For him or her

A little something to remind them of your affection. Made from natural materials of cypress, leather, crystal and brass.


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