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  • Jennifer Adler


Many of you will remember the striking photographs that graced Harmonia’s walls. One of the artists who captured those wondrous shots was Jesse Goff. He has provided businesses around the world with professional imagery for over 25 years. As a commercial advertising photographer, Jesse has been commissioned for lifestyle advertising, executive & celebrity portraiture, architecture, and industrial and special panoramas. Jesse had the honor of photographing Francis Ford Copolla and it makes sense to me why he chose Jesse as his photographer. When I was on set watching Copolla direct The Rainmaker, it was clear to me how Copolla was a master of light and cared deeply about the beauty found in every detail. I have always seen those same qualities in Jesse.

The images that we chose from Jesse's collection to create the beginning of Talisman’s gallery add a unique feeling and vibe to any room. His art will catch the attention of a guest and inspire questions and intrigue. Just like a Paul Klee book of paintings, an interesting conversation is inevitable when looking at Jesse's work.

One of Jesse's other superpowers is embracing change as a powerful tool to create a fresh perspective. Within his company, everything is continually evolving. This tool proved to be especially helpful these last two years. He knows how to adapt and move with change. His company is ruled by his own personal values about what he believes is truly important in life and a constant curiosity about how to enhance our shared reality.

Within the constant change, the problem Jesse has faced is that it was only him at the top. Being the only artist in the “house” can be a lonely and confusing way to live. However, Jesse reflected that this allowed him to develop other sides of his personality that invited close personal relationships. From this, colleagues and friends can be part of a sharing listening exchange. Jesse developed a tight community and has been inspired deeply by his dear friends that have recovered and rebuilt their lives after suffering loss, business failures, mental health challenges, and addictions. Intimately witnessing these stories allows Jesse to keep moving with strength through the changes.

When we asked Jesse what brings magic to his life, he replied with a smile, “Love, helping others, children, the ocean, and the mountains.”

We agreed and can understand why his photographs are on the walls of many homes and businesses. If this feels right for you, maybe you too will join the Jesse fan club.

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