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you're looking for a brand that is beautiful, layered, unique, eco-friendly, sustainable, and of excellent quality then Lisa Jones of Throckmorton Jones is your girl. She has more than 15 years of experience in corporate fashion and the costume and textiles industries. The brands she has worked with include Ralph Lauren, Guess, Timberland, Athleta, and Teatro Zinzanni. We love her totes. The attention to detail and love that Lisa puts into every bag she creates is simply amazing. You will find every aspect of the bag creates intrigue; the pictures inscribed in the leather at the bottom of a bag, zippers adorned with hanging decorations, and the surprises on the thoughtfully designed pockets inside. Each tote is one of a kind and a unique work of art.

When we asked Lisa what makes her company precious and powerful, she reflected that it was precious because of the treasures included in its pieces. She often makes use of discontinued, rare & unusual textiles, trim, beads, and hardware. The artist’s expression is powerful in the way that they give attention to the power of spending while encouraging clients to purchase only what sparks joy.

I personally had the pleasure of selling Lisa’s bags at Harmonia. Members would admire each piece like the artwork it was. I found Lisa to be one of the most kind-hearted people I had ever worked with. When we closed the business doors and Lisa lost an opportunity to have a launch event at the space, she was understanding and brought compassion and love. I haven’t witnessed that heightened sensibility of non-attachment in many people in my life, but with Lisa, it appeared easy. When you purchase from Lisa, you not only receive a beautiful tote but a creation that is made with heart, compassion, and intention.

Art, music, film, dancing, kissing, the feeling of wearing her favorite pieces on her body (or nothing at all), meditation, movement, the warm summer breeze, and her beautiful friends and family bring magic to Lisa’s life. What brings the magic to yours?

Lisa has been so very generous and is offering 30% discount

Promo code: Talisman30

Interested in purchasing a tote go to:


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