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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Morgan Norway's infectious energy is equally joyful and grounded. It is no wonder that she was drawn to being a coach. She is like that shiny new penny you hope to find as a child sparkling suddenly on the sidewalk. There are two compelling sides to Morgan, but her whole person brings you luck, goodness, and a friendship that will never end.

Being led by a coach that has a diverse background adds to the complexity of what you can achieve and uncover as a team. Morgan danced competitively for twenty-plus years and placed third in the nation as a collegiate team captain. Throughout those years she had the opportunity to work and take classes with Dancing with the Stars, The Rockets, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. This is where she developed her natural leadership skills, and passion for dance therapy, which influences her life coaching and other offerings.

Morgan moved to Los Angeles when she was twenty-one and landed her dream job in the fashion industry. She worked with brands such as Kate Spade, J Brand and Ted Baker. She spent a lot of time working on achieving her next goal or promotion. To do this, she searched outside of herself for answers to questions like, “Who am I really?”, “How do I fit this mold?” and, “What is my worth?"

It felt like a waiting game. She told herself that once she had accomplished the next big thing, only then could she be happy, feel worthy, have more time to relax or take care of herself and be more present in her relationships. She was tying much of her self-worth to these external milestones and the bar only continued to move. She eventually was offered more promotions and more money, but felt the whisper of something inside herself saying, “There has to be more than this.”

That voice got louder and she decided to listen to it and to trust herself. Even though logically it did not make sense, she ended a ten-year relationship. She left her dream job with a six-figure salary. These choices catapulted her on a transformational journey into coaching and creating a life beyond what she had ever dreamt of.

After her own experience of witnessing her strong inner calling, listening to her voice, and surrendering to trust, she wanted to help women across the globe feel empowered to do the same. Morgan believes that we all have inner knowing, and that if we allow ourselves to fully trust and listen, we will actually know what we want, know what to do, and that we can then create it. She describes the journey of taking her clients through this process as magic.

Morgan helps women create lives beyond what they thought they could dream of. She does this through one-on-one coaching, intimate group programs, dance therapy, and retreats. She partners with women to create long-lasting change for the rest of their lives. She only works with a certain number of clients at any given time because everything she and her clients creates is led with intentionality and intimacy. It is important that her clients get her full attention and support.

Three Complimentary Offerings

Morgan has generously offered Talisman three outstanding complementary offerings. The first is a description of her personal weekly ritual. I have already added it to my self-care program and have included it below. I highly recommend you adopt this into your self-care routine.

Morgan is also offering a 30-minute private coaching session to all Talisman subscribers. You will be able to use the time to talk about any areas of your life; releasing stress, communication in relationships, a career change, connecting with your body, how to prioritize self-care, money beliefs, or end-of-year goals. If this sounds like something that would be supportive, you can email her at: mnorthway@morgannorthway.comwith “Talisman” in the subject line.

Lastly, Morgan is hosting one FINAL virtual event to close out the year, “Completing the year with clarity and confidence”. This is a one-day complimentary workshop that will be held on Saturday, December 4th from 9 AM - 4 PM (PT). For more information CLICK HERE.

And for the weekly ritual share from Morgan Norway:

“For me, trusting there is something greater supporting me is the foundation of everything. It has brought more peace, feelings of contentment, freedom, and happiness. It has radically changed my relationships with friends, family and my husband. I call it God, you may call it Universe, Higher Power, Mother Earth.

Three steps to practicing surrender I do daily that have completely changed my life and relationships.

1. Write things down that you want to surrender; The physical action of writing something down is a HUGE part of the process. (Some of the things to write down; What are you worrying about? What keeps you up at night? What brings you stress?)

2. Creating a “Surrender box”, which can be a physical box, or it can just be a note on your phone. This is where you can put the things you wrote down. The physical act of choosing to surrender can be so powerful, that feeling of letting go.

3. Start tracking the moments. I call them “Universe winks” or “God shots.” Moments where you felt taken care of. Where things worked out. Where you felt alignment and ease. Answered prayers. I have a whole journal where I track these little moments each day. When we start collecting new evidence, it starts changing our entire perspective. The more evidence we see in others and ourselves, we are reminded how supported we are.”

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