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  • Jennifer Adler


This month I am excited to introduce you to the Path-to-Parent coaching, circles and meditation practices of Christina Adler Moore. Chris was raised on Mt. Tam under a canopy of Redwood Trees. Living in a community like Mill Valley, when it was still a little town set under the sleeping maiden of the mountain, was a gift. This safe and beautiful backdrop to a childhood taught her to take her time in life, go to nature when things get difficult and that one of the most important parts of life is to forge meaningful and creative communities.

After studying psychology at UC Davis, Chris let her wanderlust take her to Sydney, Australia where she fell in love with a new country, a wonderful Aussie (who became her husband) and University of Sydney where she completed graduate school and received her Master’s Degree in The Psychology of Coaching.

The beauty she found in Sydney was reminiscent of the natural beauty of her childhood and she spent thirteen years living on the opposite side of the Pacific. For the bulk of that time, her home was on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where the ocean sat only a hundred feet from her door. She also spent four years living in an off-shore community where she and her husband took a boat home each day and were greeted by kangaroos, rainbow parrots and cockatoos at their front door. Chris pursued her writing and was published in Australia and the United States. Words feed her soul and creating sentences to describe life around her feels like art.

In 2006, she completed a year-long teacher training program in yoga and meditation. Teaching yoga and meditation became her spiritual touchstone and she found great happiness running a natural therapies and yoga center for four years just north of Sydney.

Working with students in her classes to overcome physical limitations was rewarding, but what felt like a calling, was helping her students to find a place within themselves that could be their center. This would become a place that they could trust in challenging times. Living overseas, away from her family, Chris understood how important it was to develop an internal compass toward strength that she could rely on. Over and over again, she found that a regular meditation practice was the most reliable way to assure that clarity, energy and intuition would be regular companions.

When Chris moved back to the bay area in 2008, she moved to a vineyard just outside of Healdsburg and taught meditation and yoga at Solage Resort and Spa and Rosewood Sand Hill. At the time, she and her husband were in their third year of their chapter of infertility. Chris continued writing, meditating and seeking to understand why a condition experienced by so many was never talked about.

In 2009, after being told that there was only a three percent chance they would conceive on their own, becoming pregnant naturally was an incredible turning point in her life. Infertility was one of the most challenging chapters of her life. After witnessing a need in her new community, she started coaching individuals through the chapter of new parenthood.

Chris believes that because there is so much emphasis on ‘getting through’ birth that many couples miss the chance to prepare for and enjoy the beauty of all of the chapters of new parenthood. When things don’t go as planned at any of these stages, couples often find themselves at a loss for where to look for support and what tools to reach for. Taking time to learn about yourself as an individual or your strengths as a couple can make all the difference.

Chris uses meditation, journal work and authentic goal setting in her coaching sessions. She meets individuals or couples in the chapter they find themselves in on their journey. These include; deciding to become a parent, working towards conception or adoption, fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth preparedness, the strength of the birth experience, parenting a newborn and the first year of parenthood.

Missing the opportunity to approach parenthood from your strengths is a significant one. Often this is the most rewarding and the most challenging time for a couple or individual. When clients do the work, Chris has witnessed an incredible sense of strength and confidence emerge from each stage of this journey.

Witnessing friends and loved ones' struggle during the pandemic, in their roles as parents or in their yearning for a child, has led her to focus on coaching people through grief as well. A series of losses in Chris’s life has led her to examine grief in a very deep way. Those experiences have led her to be an intuitive and thoughtful guide for her clients when they are experiencing a loss in their lives.

In Chris’s coaching, and her group circle work, she uncovers the strong foundation that her clients have always had, but that may need illuminating. The power of meditation and coaching, in tandem, can move emotional blocks and clear the path to purpose. By combining inner trust and steadiness with clear goals and action steps, Chris believes her clients can find strength in their own unique path to parenthood.

Whether you are looking to work one-on-one or take part in a circle with others going through a similar chapter, I have confidence that Chris is the person to coach you through this unique point in your life with intuition and grace.

Talisman members are being offered a free 25 minute intake session with Chris. Instead of booking through her website, simply email your contact details to with Talisman in the subject line. Sessions take place virtually so you can take part in a session in the comfort of your own home or workplace. In-person sessions in the Bay Area can be arranged at certain times of the year. For more information about the types of sessions Chris offers, you can visit

And yes we are related. Chris Adler Moore is my sister. We love talking every day, even if it is only for five minutes. She currently resides with her husband and two daughters in North Carolina. We dream about one day living as neighbors and watching our girls grow up together. May we all be blessed to have such strong support systems. Life is short and family is one of the deepest connections for our soul.



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