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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of being a treasure hunter and finding a 23-carat Columbian emerald cameo carved with a lady's face that dated back to the 1800’s? Or wondered what it would feel like to stumble upon the Valente white agate rubellite diamond cuff that once belonged to a famous actress? Anat Sapan, an OBGYN turned treasure hunter, does just that. In a life twist that even she couldn’t have predicted, now instead of delivering babies, Anat of Magda Antiques, delivers fine treasures to those that seek them.

She was born in Israel and raised in New York City. After graduating from her OBGYN residency in Houston, she moved to the Bay Area. She had a very successful practice and performed many births.

A few years ago, while walking in San Francisco, Anat sadly experienced a fall that would change her life. She injured her arm so badly that she could no longer operate. Her career came to an abrupt end. It turned out that the world had a very different plan for her than Anat had imagined.

She has always been fascinated with how things are made. Whether it was cooking, welding, or creating an art car, the act of creation has always brought her joy. She loves working with her hands and creating something out of nothing.

After her fall, Anat discovered what she would now describe as one of her most important friendships. At the time she didn't know how much this woman would change the course of her life, but she did. Her new mentor was an avid collector and dealer of a myriad of treasures. She ignited a passion for collecting in Anat and began to teach her the trade.

Anat now brings the same sense of integrity and honesty, that she took pride in as a doctor, into the art world. Pricing her pieces before a mark-up, to give collectors the opportunity to buy desirable gifts for the holidays is one example of how she demonstrates this. And the website inventory is only a taste of what they have available. If you're looking for something specific, simply ask. I have no doubt that Anat would be able to find it for you.

Collecting art is a very personal thing. It is a reflection of what sparks curiosity in our souls and what draws a person’s unique attention to a piece. In our busy lives, we often buy art and jewelry casually, without putting great thought into where the piece came from, its value or how old it is. Anat views art differently. After witnessing her mentor's collection, she was so intrigued by the story of each piece, that she made it a goal to help secure a great home for each piece in the collection.

As a result of this passion, some of these pieces can now be seen at the Met or Moma. Art is a piece of history. It tells a story. Even a little woven basket tells the story of the utility of that basket and the process of how things were once made pre-modern technology and automation. To make a basket by hand required finding the grass, drying it, working with it, and weaving it to create patterns and messages. These intricate processes of creation are in most objects. Magda Antiques encourages us to take the time to look at and appreciate the uniqueness of the objects around us.

This month we want to give Talisman subscribers a chance to be treasure hunters. Magda Antiques has offered four pieces that can be viewed on her website. With the eyes of a curious art collector, take the time to understand the story behind the art and truly look into each piece. Notice in this process if a new kind of passion ignites inside you.

1. Art Deco Platinum Bracelet

This piece has approximately 10 ctw baguettes and round diamonds. This bracelet is absolutely stunning and sparkles just like its previous owner, who was a beloved actress.

2. The Valente White Agate Rubellite Diamond Cuff

This bold statement piece comes with modern lines and an assertive geometric architecture. The cuff measures 1.5 inches wide with an interior diameter of 2.75 by 2.25 inches. The 18k yellow gold frame is layered with smooth polished white agate and is decorated with sugar loaf rubellite and 4.00 carats of brilliant white pave diamonds.

3. Gold Fine Lace Pendant with Ruby and Diamonds

Alexander Soldier is known to be Hollywood’s jeweler. This is another perfect example of why previously owned pieces are worth looking at and how our estate jewelry treasure chest has so much to offer.

4. Art Deco Diamond Dinner Ring

This beautiful ring contains four old European cut diamonds weighing approximately 4.25 carats in total. You may be wondering what the difference is between a cocktail ring or a dinner ring. The 1920s ushered in the period of freedom known as the roaring twenties. During prohibition and women's liberation, a cocktail ring was a large colorful ring that expressed one's personality. As prohibition lifted, the dinner ring entered and became a little more subdued, but still made quite a statement.

You can use the code Talisman and receive 10% off at If you're looking for a special gift you can request specifically what you're looking for from Magda. The collection goes way beyond the inventory online.


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