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Adele Gilani, the owner of Adele Gilani Art Gallery, is a beautiful combination of sharp wit and authenticity with an undeniable love for the arts. She doesn’t censor much of anything except for sexually explicit art, bad language, and sarcasm. When I left our incredible discovery session she said, “Well now I feel like I'm your new best friend, but it's a pretty one-sided relationship because I know hardly anything about you, but you know everything about me.” She puts her heart out there for all to see.

When I asked Adele what her personal mission was, she replied, “I just want to be like David Bowie” and then she added, “But, I also want to make art accessible to everyone and allow people to realize that we are all creative beings and artists.”

Adele has a personal mission to recreate what the word “gallery” means. She wants to shift the perception that fine art is only for a certain slice of those who might be “in the know” and replace it with the idea that art is for all. Instead of people politely observing art with soft composed glances, she would like to see a population in her gallery that is ready to get their hands dirty and feel what it means to be an artist. She is creating a space where questions are welcome and where people feel comfortable using their voices, loud and clear, to explain what the piece means to them. Adele wants to provide a space that gives allowances to children and adults to find their individual voices and to find the confidence to explore what it means to be a creative artist.

Art is an elixir of life that keeps us going. It keeps us bright-eyed and happy. At Adele’s gallery, her purpose is to serve up art like a glorious colorful tea party. When you walk into her shop, you’ll be invited to join the party. There will always be something for everyone.

Adele Gilani Art Gallery is located at 328 Pine Street in Sausalito. Upon entering, you will be greeted by bright happy colors, green plants and beautiful artwork showcased on its walls. But the gallery isn't just a place for art on the walls, you will also find inspiring colorful mugs, art kits for kids, fun stickers, colorful unicorn bath bombs, books, and other inspiring gifts. We're excited to attend some of her future classes. Classes will take place in the back of the gallery. Classes will normally allow for ten participants and run on average at a cost of $65 for 90 minutes. Often you will bring home something at the end of the class. This may be a product from the gallery or something that pertains to the subject of the class. Adele looks forward to bringing like-minded people together in small groups around creating art. Classes will be available for children and adults. For children’s classes, you can choose either to drop off your little kiddo (and have a break!) or you can attend the class alongside them.

2022 Vision Board Workshop at ADELE GILANI GALLERY

Adele Gilani believes that art can make you happy and that it is an important means of communication. Start your year off right by attending Adele’s Vision Board Workshop. Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into the visible. Let’s talk about five-year plans and order off the menu of the universe when we make our 2022 vision boards together. These one-of-a-kind art pieces can only be made by you. Let’s explore your creative self and see what you can manifest in the year ahead with your artwork.

This BYOB workshop includes:

• customized worksheets to help you brainstorm and choose your theme word for the year

• poster board

• washi tape and scissors

• hundreds of presorted words and images

• embellishment

You might also like to attend the whimsical workshop titled, “Learn to paint a Disco ball.” Trust me, the originality of the programming Adele spoke to me about is not to be missed. And this gallery is only the beginning of Adele’s vision. Adele’s goal is to expand in many different ways within this Sausalito incubator. She envisions growing into a 10,000 sq.ft. city gallery where she can expand her creative vision throughout the walls and ceiling. This holiday- don't miss stopping by the gallery to take a class or buy a happy gift. The uplifting experience from visiting with Adele's artful spirit is a holiday moment not to be missed. For more details visit:


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