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  • Jennifer Adler

Abstract Painting with Adele Gilani

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Abstract Painting Series Warm Winter Colorway Express Yourself With Abstract Painting March 16, 24 @ 6:30 Cost: $65 Ages 16+, All Levels

Have you ever stood in front of an abstract painting and felt seen? Do you want to know how to inject that power into your own abstract artwork? Now you can. In this abstract painting class, we will use acrylic paint and mediums to create beautiful abstract paintings that will inspire and delight... and yes, there will be optional glitter:) In this very special workshop, I'll be teaching something very near to my heart, abstract painting. This is not the ubiquitous wine and paint party, nor is it a rigid scholastic painting course. In this workshop, we will relax, focus, and tap into our true selves to create some really beautiful, well constructed, timeless, and meaningful artwork. We will use abstract painting to express emotion, personality, and ultimately who we are at this moment. Abstract painting is exciting because it's familiar and accessible on a deep, often unspoken level because of the way color, line, form, and composition are so inherently powerful. It's also very challenging because it can quickly become muddy and overworked. In this workshop, you will learn the tricks and tips to keep your abstract paintings expressive and dynamic and not the sort of run-away paintings that are messy and boring to look at. Techniques Include:

  • Layering color

  • Layering texture

  • Glitter and mixed media application

  • Mixing Color

  • Composition

  • Working with acrylic mediums

  • Craftsmanship tips and tricks

  • Brush care

What to Expect:

  • Read our COVID-19 protocol here.

  • This will be a small class, limited to 10 participants, so you will get lots of one-on-one attention

  • We will work with acrylic paints and mediums on wood panels. I will provide brushes and paints, mediums, and glitter for use during the workshop.

  • We will work with our wood panels laying flat on the table so we will be able to see each other's work.

  • Aprons are available to borrow or purchase.

  • I'll play some good music while you're painting and between songs, I will give new instructions and tips for moving forward.

I look forward to meeting you and making some great art together. For more information or to register for a class, please visit


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