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  • Jennifer Adler

A Note from Jen...

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Marin is a small piece of this big world we live in. It is a place filled with opportunities that many communities strive for. We are surrounded by earthy progressive people, financial prosperity and so much natural beauty. And, as all places do, it also has an underbelly. This shows up in misconnections, hardships, and personal struggles.

I believe in manifestation through focus. If we focus and put every ounce of our attention into an intention, we can most likely land the intention or close to it, but of course, some opportunities still slip away. Is it the people you know, meet, or are introduced to that create the pathways to success? Many people have reaffirmed that one of my true superpowers is being a connector. These constant reminders led me to pay more attention to this aspect of my life and create a business that envelopes this super skill. I want to help people get closer to the life they desire by eliminating some of the underbelly by creating meaningful connections. When I make a connection for friends, colleagues, or strangers, I see an impactful beautiful imprint that fills my heart. I feel a deeper connection to the person I make the connection for because I helped them progress forward in their life. When I was five years old I started playing connect-the-dots drawing games. Once all the dots were connected a small picture that you could color in would be revealed. I realize now that this was just practice for what I am doing now in life. By connecting people to their dreams or to others that can move them forward in their goals, I unveil a piece of their bigger picture. Uncovering a special answer or opportunity for someone is highly gratifying. Talisman is a place for all of you to tell your stories, but I also want to make deeper, more meaningful connections for the people involved. I’m super satisfied with the feedback I’ve received from my featured artists, healers, and designers. Not only are they making connections on our advertising platform, but through the greater circle outside of Talisman. Once you're in the circle, I never stop promoting you. The value of being advertised in Talisman is proving to exceed my expectations. My superpower is in high gear and I’m proud to say my reason for starting Talisman is coming to fruition. My love pours out to all our subscribers for supporting these last six issues. Spread the love and share Talisman with your friends. They can subscribe online and send advertising inquiries directly to We are the platform that delivers our advertisers a meaningful, enduring, and valuable return by connecting all the dots. — Jennifer Adler, Creative Director



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