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  • Jennifer Adler

2022 Vision Board Workshop

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

March 3rd, 9th @ 6:30pm Cost: $40

Let’s talk five-year plans and order off the menu of the universe when we make 2022 vision boards together. These one-of-a kind art pieces can only be made by you. Let’s explore your creative self and see what you can manifest in the year ahead with your artwork. Unlike your typical vision board, we will use washi tape to bring cohesiveness to the composition. We'll create vision boards that you actually enjoy looking at all year long. There is an option to add-on a magnetic teak wood banner frame for $20 if you'd like or display your vision board proudly in a frame you already own. Completed vision boards will be 12x16". This workshop includes:

  • customized worksheets to help you brainstorm and choose one word for the year

  • poster board

  • foil washi tape by LA artist, Jessica Watkins

  • Scissors

  • hundreds of presorted words and images

  • embellishments

This event is BYOB

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