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  • Jennifer Adler


I love love. It’s a feeling that is fertile with all the delicious feelings we crave that make our bodies feel good and our minds feel calm. To envelope your life’s purpose around love; finding it, fixing it, and obtaining it is a mission that sounds intoxicating. Julianne McGowan set out to find that sweetness when she decided to follow her path of purpose in becoming a Life and Love Coach.

Julianne McGowan went through her own process of evolving five years ago when she decided to create a new life path. She did this by switching her main focus away from her successful brick and mortar Dog grooming business in San Francisco to follow her education which is rooted in psychology and sociology and a Mastery of Life Coaching.

This decision led her on a healing path which included deep personal work. Her first step was to leave behind regrets and to move forward with acceptance and forgiveness. These decisions and experiences are a part of who she is today. They are the catalyst to her evolution, expansiveness and desire to help others in love, dating and relationships. Her love skills are strengthened by being a matchmaker and dating/love coach at Kelleher International. This experience compliments her coaching because her clients get the extra bonus of possibly being connected to a love interest if this organically happens through Julianne’s matchmaking clients.

What I love about Julianne is she has grit. In order to navigate through a divorce and into a happy marriage, all while manifesting your dream, and evolving from a successful dog grooming business into a love coaching career, you need a bit of grit. Finding your way to love in this current singles 2022 landscape, I would cherish a coach that has grit and knows how to manifest what they desire. Her experiences, challenges, healing and profound insights are the driving principles of her coaching program. Overall, she is committed to transforming old patterns into new beliefs that powerfully serve others.

When I asked Julianne, “What does love mean to you?” she responded, “Love is at the core of everything I do. Something I learned from The Miracle-Minded Coaching program that I completed with Marianne Williamson. She talked a lot about The Course in Miracles and when you lead with love, miracles naturally occur. Love is the feeling that I hold in my consciousness and that affects every action I take. And, because I am human and sometimes get out of alignment, when I feel fear, I replace it with love. Before I have a difficult conversation or feel stressed about an event or encounter, I send them love. It really makes a difference!”

To watch her clients birth new sides of themselves in the process of love is truly inspiring. Being the witness to this high level transformation is why she does what she does. She wants to make a change. So it’s very important to Julianne that all her coaching relationships are in alignment with the values and process of her work. She doesn’t just want to find her clients ‘someone to date’, instead she wants to help you find your person.

This is deep work of the heart. Which is why she emphasizes only taking on clients that she knows she is going to help. Her ideal clients are single women and men that have been seeking love and partnership, but continue to repeat the same patterns. Their ultimate goal is to have a healthy, meaningful and sustainable relationship.

Instead of picking apart a date and analyzing every piece of it, she believes that dating can be an experience that can heal you from old patterns that might not serve you anymore. If we switch our perspective on dating into a more conscious dynamic that allows learning to sneak into the process, you can take back control and turn the dating process into something more meaningful and playful. Dating then becomes about personal growth and play and not apprehension and wasted time. This allows you to come from a place of attraction and newness of what you want in a partner and who you are looking for on a soul level.

By doing this conscious work with Julianne you might recognize your person walking down the street. This has actually happened to clients that she has worked with in her practice. This kind of synchronicity relies on keeping yourself open and coming from a place of love and not a place of fear. Julianne’s coaching gives you the skills and exercises to keep you on this path. She will help you identify any potential blocks, obstacles or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from having what you want so you can allow spaciousness and openness for new love possibilities.

The best advice Julianne received on love that she believes the world should know is, “Deeply loving yourself first is important, but also deeply understanding yourself first will attract a partner that is on a similar vibration.”

Julianne is offering a complimentary 30-minute coaching session. This will give you a sample of her work and some exercises. She is offering a monthly program where you meet once a week and are given weekly action steps. Cost is $600 a month for four 45-minute sessions. You can meet in person or over zoom.

Julianne has clients that have extended her monthly program over two years, but in those instances the focus has switched into relationship maintenance which is also highly beneficial.



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